Strikepoint, from Duluth, Minnesota, is a church-based, community/professional handbell ensemble. Led by artistic director Bill Alexander, this eleven-member group performs in a directorless ensemble setting. High school, college students, and community members have joined with selected ringers from the four handbell ensembles at Duluth’s First United Methodist Church to provide a consistently high level of musicianship since Strikepoint’s beginnings in 1984.

Strikepoint has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, and Sweden. They play on six octaves of bronze Schulmerich handbells with additional aluminum Malmark bass bells, seven octaves of chimes, two octaves of Silver Melody Bells, and three octaves of Petit and Fritzen handbells, along with a range of other instruments as needed.

Their music has been featured on many local, national, and international radio, television, and online programs as well as live performances with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, the Arrowhead Chorale, and other professional musical organizations. They have produced nine albums, their social media posts have a large following, they are highly regarded as pioneers and innovators, and they are considered one of the very top handbell ensembles in the world.

Noted for capturing the enthusiasm of audiences with a dynamic style and accessible music, Strikepoint’s concert selections can range from Bach to Lady Gaga and include familiar and new music. Strikepoint’s most recent album, “Reflections,” is often praised for its ability to calm the mind and restore the spirit, making it a popular choice for meditation, yoga, and music therapy. Attending a Strikepoint concert guarantees a thrilling, fast-paced musical experience that will leave you feeling exhilarated.